Nov 9, 2012

Food Adventures: Cartems Donuterie

This place has the most flavourful donuts you will EVER eat. These fresh, locally sourced, and made donuts are to die for! There are so many different types of donuts. This time I only got like 5 flavours in total.

Me and my friend walked towards Cartems Donutier after a lunch meet-up. I ordered 7 donuts in total so I could bring some to the office and share.

I ordered all the seasonal ones for the day, and starting from the top left, I got Citrus Blast, Bacon Glazed, Earl Grey, Pumpkin Spice, Bacon Glazed, and Sugar Cinnamon.

The Citrus Blast, was one of the freshest donuts I have ever placed in my mouth. The yellow lemon zest really gives that heavy punch to it. The taste of the sweet orange comes out through the dough. The flavour mixed perfectly with the glazing sweetness.

The Bacon Glazed was delicious. Sweet and salty savoury is one of the best combo ever. The creaminess of the glaze mixes perfectly with the amount of sweet and savoury this donut has to offer. I really enjoyed this donut.

The Earl Grey was not as special as I thought. I can really taste the heaviness of the tea and the ingredients, but I thought it was too sweet for my taste. The glaze was too much in my opinion, but the colourful petals really added the touch of beauty to it though.

The Pumpkin Spice is my favourite of ALL of the donuts. That first bite into the ginger pieces were AMAZING! Then the flavour smooths out towards the pumpkin sweetness and there was that cream glaze on top of the donut was just perfect.

The last one is the Sugar Cinnamon. It was a perfect sweet, but the cinnamon was lost in the creaminess of the donut itself. I really couldn't taste the cinnamon, but it was extremely sweet. The crispiness of the glaze and the soft fluffy center of the donut is amazing.

I am for sure coming back here to buy a lot more donuts. They are considered to be a pop-up shop, so they are only there for a limited time! Go drop by and say hi! It is seriously worth the visit to grab a couple boxes home!

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  1. We need to disagree; I'm in love with the Earl Grey. But then, I couldn't say why. I didn't find it terribly sweet.

    Cartems is the bomb, though. <3