Nov 25, 2012

Food Adventures: Kingyo Izakaya 金魚居酒屋

Kingyo is one of my favourite Japanese Tapas restaurants in all of Vancouver. This place is always filled with amazing food and drinks. The décor is beautifully authentic, and the service is perfectly personal.

The décor is very beautiful. The old wooden tables, and the chairs are comfortable. I love the small little cushions for your butt on the chairs. I find it a little funny. The bamboo long table in the middle of the restaurant looks beautiful in the environment. Kingyo has a very personal service for every single person that step into the restaurant  The waitresses/waiters are extremely nice and personally tell you about your choices of dishes for the night. They are very knowledgeable about their own establishment (where they work) and some of the waiters are great for eye candy too.

I ordered their Sashimi Salad. Different types of fish cuts every single day, and I got albacore tuna, atlantic salmon, and yellowtail hamachi. The slices were perfectly cut, as each bite was delicious and fatty. The greens were fresh and the dressing was delicious. Three different types of dressing to go with each slice of fish. The dressing complimented each fish perfectly. My favourite is the albacore tuna dressing. It was tangy, filled with tobiko, and the acidity of the lemon really makes each bite better.

The next dish I ordered was the Kimchi Udon, which was on special. The seasoning of the ramen was perfect as it mixed with the spicy kimchi. The udon wasn't slimy and wasn't stuck together, it was perfectly cooked. I enjoyed this dish a lot, but I could cook something similar to this at home though. So I wouldn't say it was anything special.

Like every time I go to Kingyo, I have to order the Mackerel Pressed Sushi. I love their pressed sushi. I love their sauces on the top as it adds a sweetness to the dish. The mackerel has a lovely light grill on the top of them, and it's not 100% cooked, but still raw and delicious. Don't try to finish each sushi piece with one bite. It is not worth it, just slowly take it in, and enjoy it slowly.

For desert, we had to get their famous Matcha Brûlée!! It is the perfect desert to end off the night of delicious food. I love the thick taste of Matcha in each bite. The delicious burnt sugar on the top of the matach block just adds the sweetness. The mint leaf and the whip cream was a perfect addition to the mix. This is one of my favourite must have on their menu. 

Anyways, I am rating this place a stunning 9.5/10! Their food is what I want it to be, most of the time. Their service is great and their décor is beautiful. Going back again for sure.

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