Nov 13, 2012

Food Adventures: Miura Waffle & Milk Bar

A small little cafe located on Davie Street, owned and run by a very dedicated Japanese Chef. This little cafe has been here for little bit less than a year and the success of this popular little cafe is very well renown. I am not surprised since their food is delectable, and the waffles are SOOOOO FLUFFIEEEE!!

My co-worker, Garth, introduced me to this amazing place. He said, they have amazing Waffles. Knowing Garth, I always trust him with food. We went on a lunch break, and when we arrived a nice "Welcome" was given to us. There are only two people that work here, the Japanese Chef owner, and his pretty lady barista. It is a small cafe, with a small under cover patio. The cafe is just perfect for a nice lunch and a refresher from work.

I ordered a Wasabi Tuna Waffle Sandwich. The flavour is creamy, tangy, smooth, and the wasabi is the perfect touch to the end of a bite. The sandwich is filled with tuna bits and the waffle is extremely fluffy. The waffle is in a perfect size for a sandwich, and the white edges have a perfect crisp when biting into it. I loved this Wasabi Tuna a lot. It is delicious and the quality of the ingredients are perfect! Yummy!

I returned to the cafe and got a Hoisin Waffle Sandwich too. This time the waffle was a bit burnt, and mushy. The waffles wasn't as crispy as I had the first time, but the fluffiness of the waffle is kept. The flavours are still there, so I wouldn't mind if the crispiness was lost that time. The flavours of the ingredients reminded me of a Bahn Mi. The amount of pickled carrots, the sweetness of hoisin, and the meatballs is a perfect mix.

I will be coming back here for lunch visits! I love this place a lot. It a perfect get away from the office for lunch, and the price is perfectly decent too! Of course, me being the Japanese culture lover, this place is perfect for me too! I give this place an amazing 9.5/10!

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