Dec 28, 2012

Food Adventures: The Pint Public House

A very lowbrow bar with amazing cheap eats and cheap drinks! The only thing about this place is that it is a pub, so expect the place to be grungy and dark. The location of the pub is convenient too as it is located by a Skytrain and literally a block away from Gastown.

The Pint is special for their Pint of Boots. The fruity boots are served in glasses shaped like boots with a shot of alcohol in them. There are variety flavors for each boot and the boots just look awesome, especially drinking out of them.

I had the Classic Perogies for the night. They were delicious, and perfectly cooked. They are pan fried, so it is a little bit crispy on the skin, but everything about them are white and perfectly delicious. The potato cheese inside explodes in your mouth as you bite into them. There are so much ingredients on top of the Perogies, it is just crazy! The chives are always fresh and perfectly bite sizes. The bacon is the best part of the Perogies.

I give this place an amazing 8.5/10, as this place can get quite busy and the amount of people there gets annoying. But overall, the decor and the atmosphere is amazing. The service is perfect and the food/drinks are just my favorite part of the bar! Love it.

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