Jan 25, 2014

Street Food City: Le Tigre Food Cart

I have always wanted to try Le Tigre for a long time now, since I've been so extremely busy. I have been following them on Twitter since they started, and Clement Chan being on Top Chef, yup, I was there! So the anticipation for wanting to give Le Tigre a try had always been there. Finally, I had a chance. Thanks to the Street Food City event, I finally gotten a chance to eat Le Tigre!

My Co-workers and I headed down to Street Food City on the first day, which was on Wednesday, and the crowd wasn't as big, which was the perfect thing. The wait for Le Tigre wasn't long, so we got our food fairly quickly.

I ordered the "EAT STREET" shao bing, and that "FRICKEN" chicken. I saw the chicken being served in those mini Chinese take away boxes, so I might as well try them. Usually a medium sandwich would make me full, but I might as well try the chicken as well.

The first thing I noticed about my chicken is that the aroma coming right out of it before I took a bite. That smell of delicious seasoning coming from it, I was already drooling. I quickly took a bite and I just went crazy. I went back down on that chicken until it was finished.

There was this aioili sauce given as well, but it's not 100% necessary because the amount of seasoning on the chicken was good enough to satisfy me.

The shao bing was very different from what I expect too. The taste of it really brought me back to China. The flavors were very nostalgic when I visited China when I was younger.

The meat brisket in the shao bing was perfectly made, and the slaw was just yummy. The flavour combinations is perfect. I love how it was a Chinese Pancake used, instead of typical bread. It was delicious. I would go down for another one anytime.

That was my experience with Le Tigre, and I hope you would go visit them as well. Their food is delicious, and say Hi to Clement Chan! Find them on Twitter here.

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