May 27, 2015

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. (Main Street)

Had to come to Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. since a lot of friends recommended it as my next place to review on, so I might as well drop by for a dinner night with a friend. I love the location since it is right along Main Street where my friend lives so I just parked at his place and we walked down the street to the restaurant.

The day we went was lovely and it was sunny. The patio of the restaurant was opened, and it was packed. If it wasn't packed I would have totally gone outside to enjoy the sun instead of sitting inside~!!

The one on the left is the Ice Tea and the right is the Lemonade

We ordered two drinks to start off the night, and they were not alcoholic so I could drive home at the end of the night. But, they do have tons of drinks on tap!! We ordered the Lemonade and the Ice Tea that they blend specially in house. They use maple syrup in the mix, which gave that true Canadian feel to it!

Blackberry Basil
Goat Cheese & Figs

We ordered two salads for the night, the one on the left is the Blackberry Basil salad, and the one on the right is the Goat Cheese Fig salad. They were both extremely delicious. The Blackberry Basil has a sweet dressing and the basil really gave the salad a nice light taste at the end of each bite. The Goat Cheese Fig salad was my favourite for the night. The greens were well coated with the goat cheese dressing and the figs tickled my tongue which brought the salad to a very bright flavour. Well done on both salads, and they add an in house garlic bread they made. I didn't realize it was garlic bread until I bit and tasted the deliciousness of it. If the salads were this amazing, their Pizzas were just out of this world~!!

Parma Ham <3
I was never really a pizza guy. I love burgers, pies, hot dogs etc. But these could not be compared to just any ordinary pizza though. I think after a visit here, it really changed my mind! We ordered two flatbreads, Parma and Hot Calabrese. The Parma reminded me of a Ham and Pineapple pizza but stepped up to a restaurant level. It was a smart way to reinvent it, and by added arugula really lifts the additional flavours to the pizza. The perfectly cured ham with the sweet bites of pineapples really made my night for sure.

Hot Calabrese <3

The Hot Calabrese was more of a mature taste, especially since it has a little spicy flavour added into the mix. Each bite seemed different because with the abundance of ingredients added to it. The mushrooms really gave the pizza a meaty flavour to it, and the amount of cheese was perfect. The banana peppers were delicious but maybe if they left the seeds on them, it would have been a little bit more spicy and delicious. Did I mention, that the flatbread they are on are all made in house? There is a "no gluten" option, but who cares about that with me. We stayed for desserts too. I was full at this point, but we saw the desserts offered, we couldn't pass up on it.

Green Tea Cheesecake
Warm Double Chocolate Brownie

We order two desserts for the night. The daily cheesecake flavour of the night was the Green Tea cheesecake and their staple is the Warm Double Chocolate Brownie. The green tea cheesecake had a really delicious Green Tea flavour, and the crust was made from coconuts! The flakes of coconuts were really prominent in the cheesecake and the green tea gives the cheesecake a perfect bitter flavour to the whole plate. The chocolate brownie got me drooling, because as it landed on the table, you can smell the chocolate. The brownie was oozing with chocolate flavour, and once it lands in your mouth, your body just trembles with excitement. I couldn't hold back much longer and my friend said he loved the Chocolate one a lot too.

Overall, I love Rocky Mountain Flatbread, and the food was delicious, locally grown and a lot of their ingredients were properly sourced with organic farmers. I love this place. Would come back again in the future and I 100% recommend this place to friends <3 I will come back in the future to try out their Brunch/Lunch menu!

Jul 31, 2014

Food Adventures: CRAFT Beer Market

This summer I had to drop by CRAFT Beer Market again with a couple of friends to check out their patio. But when we visited, it was extremely busy, so we couldn't get a patio seating, so we were brought to the side instead. But I will try to visit again JUST to drink on the patio.

This time I ordered the Drink What Locals Drink for the Beer Sampler. Click on the name of the drinks to go to a link I have provided about the beer!! The following drinks were featured these two weeks:
(Shown from Left to Right on the picture above)
I loved them all, especially he Gypsy Tears, since it is such a hoppy beer and it is always the one I order when I go to bars. It is my stable for beer on a good night.

My friends ordered a FastFood Sushi, which is meat, meat and TONS of meat wrapped in bacon and served on top of BBQ sauce and some light horseradish mayo. I should have taken a bite, but at that moment in the night, I didn't want any.

I myself ordered the Halibut fish tacos for my entree of the night. I had to order 4 or I wouldn't be full by the end of the night. The tacos were light and very refreshing. There was a side sauce of housemade Siracha. They made it spicy to the point where it was perfect! I called it Asian medium spicy, which was surprising to me since I LOVE spicy foods.

I love the atmosphere of the place since it was HUGE, and it would take SO MANY people, and I love coming here all the time, especially since I have large group of friends for beer and a great time. Will come back again this summer with another group of close friends for a good time! Next time, I want to try their patio!

Jul 25, 2014

Food Adventures: Thai Away Home

This little restaurant located on Cambie is quite adorable and I think I would have been a regular if only their food quality matched their amazing service.

Me and my friends came in and was craving for some Thai food, so we all ordered a different dish, but we shared them all. I ordered a Pad Thai combo, which had the Hot and Sour soup, and Spring Roll added to my Pad Thai entree. The sizzle hot Pad Thai was perfectly steamy, and it looked SOOO delicious, but the only bad thing was that the sauce was extremely sweet, and it felt like I was eating ketchup. GAH! It was surprising me in every way, and it just caught me off guard. Wanted some spicy flavour in it, but instead got sweet sweet sweet through thick and thin.... I was happy they had some authentic chili sauce, not talking about Siracha, but that thick clump of chili stuff. I mixed it in, and it tasted a LOT better.

The price was cheap for what I got, and for so many choices as the entree dish, I don't mind it. But really, I was expecting a better quality of food though. It is catagorized as, tried once and will not go back until their cooking style changes. One thing I love is their decor and the little shoppe in the corner of the restaurant. Do approve of that, but anything else, will not go back.

Jul 24, 2014

Geeky Adventures: Lucy

Thank you to CKNW AM 980 for inviting me to the Vancouver premier to the movie Lucy. I received 4 tickets, so I invited 3 of my other friends to the event, and we had a fantastic night. Directed and written by Luc Benson, we were expecting a full on action movie like in the Transporter franchise. But I think our group of friends went in with too high of the expectations for the movie. We wanted an amazing Science Fiction movie, that would give an ultra ride, but it gave us a sub-par story line with lackluster action scenes.

Don't get me wrong, I do like the "original" idea of being able to unlock the power of your mind and discover the whole world and human body, but the story lead us to a predictable ending where a lot of Anime fans would know where it references to.

One thing I did enjoy of the movie were the visuals. The amount of CG used in the movie gave the perfect image of how the viewers were curious of Lucy's powers. It enhanced the movie quite a bit, and some of the scenes were visually stunning. There could of bit more of those scenes instead of just describing some of them through regular narration, which bugged me a lot.

Scarlett Johansson performed beautifully in the first 30 minutes of the movie. Every single emotion was shown on the screen perfectly. But as the movie progressed, the amount of action scenes were just lacking. It could have been because they dimmed down the amount of action to reach the PG-13 rating from R. But dude, blood and maybe some more actions scenes was just needed in it all, done by the Black Widow herself, sorry I mean Lucy.

I do not recommend it for people to watch it unless you are wanting another UltraViolet experience. It isn't even worth the Tuesday night movie deal, just wait for it and watch it on Netflix. Ending this off with a good note, props to Luc Benson for getting the iconic Choi Min-sik, it is good to see him on the Hollywood screen!!

Movie Rating: 4/10

Jul 22, 2014

Food Adventures: Clubhouse Japanese Restaurant

I come here on an annual basis, and they have never changed for so many years. The first time I came here was in 2006, with a large group of friends for a party, in the private room on the second floor. And annually I would come here with a group of friends, and they always accommodate us every time.

I visited the establishment again, with another group of friends. They accommodated us as usual, and we had a great time too. We ordered drinks first, and I got a delicious Strawberry Slush, but too bad it was a virgin because I had to drive that night.

Too bad it was kinda small for my size of a drink, but it was delicious. Then we all each ordered food, and I ordered Scallop Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Cucumber Sunomono, and Yaki-Soba. There was so much food, I couldn't finish it all and brought some home to enjoy it for mid-night snack.

I loved the Scallop roll the most, because it was perfectly creamy, and I love the avocado the most as it added that perfect flavour for the roll. It was perfect part of the night as I was craving for some sushi. And I topped it all off with some Spicy Tuna roll.

This roll was very different, because I wasn't expecting the avocado to be in the roll, but it gave it a nice light and refreshing taste to the roll. I did enjoy it though, but I wanted more tuna. And I wanted to get something refreshing for the night. I ordered a cucumber sunomono. It was sliced cucumbers, and tons of vinegar cold noodles. It was perfect for such a hot day.

Next time I will order this again, even if it was on special. A perfect way to start off my night. Then I wanted something to really fill me up for the night and I ordered a Yaki-Soba for the night.

I always tell everyone around the table I would use flash before I took a picture of this. It is courtesy to tell everyone first, but I had to take colours of this dish!! Couldn't finish this dish and took the rest home, and all I did was put it in the oven for like 5 minutes and it came out delicious.

Will go back again to visit and put another picture on the wall, and draw on it!