Feb 8, 2014

Food Adventures: Mogu Japanese Food Cart

I love Mogu Japanese Food Cart, because it is authentically Japanese, and the two owners work extremely hard everyday to execute amazing delicious food for all their customers. These two owners are adorable and I love seeing them every single time I visit them.

On the corner of Howe X Dunsmir
The location of this food cart is on Howe and Dunsmir, which is 4 blocks away from my work place. We would walk all the way down for their delicious lunches. They mostly serve sandwiches in the spring, but because they recently started serving rice bowls, I will be featuring this blog post to their delicious rice bowls.

Chicken Karaage Rice Bowl
I ordered the Chicken Karaage Rice Bowl, which is off the menu and you have to ask. From what I heard, it's a popular dish that everyone wants. Yeah of course, if the chicken is perfectly cooked and deep-fried and delicious, I would order it! I love their fried chicken, because it's boneless, crispy on the outside, and deliciously steamy cooked on the inside. They offer a variety versions of rice bowls, but I had to get this one. I hope to try the others too. I will be dropping by their little food cart again. And I hope everyone does too!

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Feb 3, 2014

Food Adventures: EXP Restaurant & Bar

I have been to EXP Bar so many times that I never actually sat down and write a review on them. Shame on me, and since it is one of the places I hang out all the time too. So here is your review on EXP Bar!

EXP Bar is special, because it is a gamer themed bar. They have video games to play while you wait for your table, with video gamed themed stuff playing on multiple flat screen TVs, and then a LARGE overhead screen for the whole restaurant. It's just a perfect place to watch all e-Sports gaming. Yes, I have come here multiple times for League of Legends viewings, and I LOVED it.

Onion Rings Poutine
The onion rings poutine is delicious. I am so stunned by the extremely crispiness of the onion rings, and then the gravy was deliciously meaty, and the cheese was creamy and delicious. I was dying in the cheese curds. It is worth the price, and on top of that it is a great sharing plate too.

Pizza Flat-bread
Okay, their Pizza Flat-bread is one of my favourites on their menu. I love the tangy sauce, and the delicious salad on the top. This is a MUST HAVE at EXP. If you are feeling something Green, and still want some bread like substance, this is the perfect one for you. The price for this one is the best, if you want so many ingredients within 1 dish. YUMMY!

Trinity Burger
This is the Trinity Burger. The signature burger at EXP Bar. The burger is three meats in one, a chicken, a beef patty and slices of bacon, with a side of delicious golden fries. I love the burger because there is SO MUCH MEAT. You will die after this plate. But I do approve of this delicious plate <3

Deep Fried Cheesecake (Oreo Icing)
Finish off the night with this drool worthy Deep Fried Cheesecake. You have to get the Oreo icing. It is my favourite flavour of the three, and I have tried all three. From what I heard, EXP makes a fresh batch of Oreo icing every day.

EXP have fantastic drinks, I will be making a separate post on it JUST for EXP Bar. Yes, that will be coming up soon, be excited!!

Thanks for reading this long post and check out EXP Bar and Restaurant and say Dru told you to go!

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Jan 25, 2014

Street Food City: Le Tigre Food Cart

I have always wanted to try Le Tigre for a long time now, since I've been so extremely busy. I have been following them on Twitter since they started, and Clement Chan being on Top Chef, yup, I was there! So the anticipation for wanting to give Le Tigre a try had always been there. Finally, I had a chance. Thanks to the Street Food City event, I finally gotten a chance to eat Le Tigre!

My Co-workers and I headed down to Street Food City on the first day, which was on Wednesday, and the crowd wasn't as big, which was the perfect thing. The wait for Le Tigre wasn't long, so we got our food fairly quickly.

I ordered the "EAT STREET" shao bing, and that "FRICKEN" chicken. I saw the chicken being served in those mini Chinese take away boxes, so I might as well try them. Usually a medium sandwich would make me full, but I might as well try the chicken as well.

The first thing I noticed about my chicken is that the aroma coming right out of it before I took a bite. That smell of delicious seasoning coming from it, I was already drooling. I quickly took a bite and I just went crazy. I went back down on that chicken until it was finished.

There was this aioili sauce given as well, but it's not 100% necessary because the amount of seasoning on the chicken was good enough to satisfy me.

The shao bing was very different from what I expect too. The taste of it really brought me back to China. The flavors were very nostalgic when I visited China when I was younger.

The meat brisket in the shao bing was perfectly made, and the slaw was just yummy. The flavour combinations is perfect. I love how it was a Chinese Pancake used, instead of typical bread. It was delicious. I would go down for another one anytime.

That was my experience with Le Tigre, and I hope you would go visit them as well. Their food is delicious, and say Hi to Clement Chan! Find them on Twitter here.

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Jan 19, 2014

Yelp Elite Party: Atlantis @ Vancouver FanClub Bar

Such an amazing Yelp Elite Party this past week at Vancouver FanClub Bar! Featuring the mysterious theme of Night Circus Atlantis. It was full of Burlesque, Music and Theater!! It was so beautiful! Thanks to Lindsay Diet for her fantastic photos of the night, you can check out more photos at her website!

The night was filled with mischievous fun of cocktails, beers, vodka and gin. I love the venue because it's two floors and there is a nice stage too. Everytime I'm here, there is always something going on, like an event or some performances.

The bar looks fantastic, and there is a second bar at the top of the stairs too. I loved this place, as it's big and it doesn't get too hot as well. I love the venue as a place to just party and hang out.

We had tons of drinks over the night, and the cocktails were delicious. I added more vodka into my cocktails over the whole night, and grabbed some bites here and there. But I wish I could have eaten more in the night though.

As usual, tons of lovely pictures. Lindsay is such a great photographer, she's amazing. 

The performers of the night were just beautifully enhancing. She was just dangling there and doing so many acts that it was mesmerizing! Lost in that entranced moment of excitement!

Thank you to this beautiful women right here creating such a lovely night for the Yelpers to enjoy! Thank you Jody for a lovely event and thanks for inviting us! Thank you Vancouver FanClub for letting us use your place for such a lovely party!

Jan 11, 2014

Yelp Elite Events 2013 Wrap-up

Last year was such a fantastic year in the Yelp Community! Met many new faces, and got closer to the others! I love Yelp Elite Events because it is a time to catch up with all the Yelp friends, and meet many new faces. Thanks to Jody B. for such a fabulous year! She came in half way of the year, and brought the Vancouver Yelp community back together!!

These amazing times we all had together was amazing! The night of Great Gatsby, of high tea and delicious cocktails!

Going to Nuba Kitsilano and eating tons of delicious vegetarian food.

A night out at the Butcher and Bull Pub with the Yelp Community. Always holding a pint of beer for the night and eating tons of finger food!

Then a summer filled with fun activities from Guilt & Co. to Summer Cart Festival!

And to end off the 2013 with these amazing Yelp Elite Events :)

And I hope that 2014 Yelp Elite year will be fantastic just like the last~!! :)

And find me on Yelp!