Jul 24, 2014

Geeky Adventures: Lucy

Thank you to CKNW AM 980 for inviting me to the Vancouver premier to the movie Lucy. I received 4 tickets, so I invited 3 of my other friends to the event, and we had a fantastic night. Directed and written by Luc Benson, we were expecting a full on action movie like in the Transporter franchise. But I think our group of friends went in with too high of the expectations for the movie. We wanted an amazing Science Fiction movie, that would give an ultra ride, but it gave us a sub-par story line with lackluster action scenes.

Don't get me wrong, I do like the "original" idea of being able to unlock the power of your mind and discover the whole world and human body, but the story lead us to a predictable ending where a lot of Anime fans would know where it references to.

One thing I did enjoy of the movie were the visuals. The amount of CG used in the movie gave the perfect image of how the viewers were curious of Lucy's powers. It enhanced the movie quite a bit, and some of the scenes were visually stunning. There could of bit more of those scenes instead of just describing some of them through regular narration, which bugged me a lot.

Scarlett Johansson performed beautifully in the first 30 minutes of the movie. Every single emotion was shown on the screen perfectly. But as the movie progressed, the amount of action scenes were just lacking. It could have been because they dimmed down the amount of action to reach the PG-13 rating from R. But dude, blood and maybe some more actions scenes was just needed in it all, done by the Black Widow herself, sorry I mean Lucy.

I do not recommend it for people to watch it unless you are wanting another UltraViolet experience. It isn't even worth the Tuesday night movie deal, just wait for it and watch it on Netflix. Ending this off with a good note, props to Luc Benson for getting the iconic Choi Min-sik, it is good to see him on the Hollywood screen!!

Movie Rating: 4/10

Jul 22, 2014

Food Adventures: Clubhouse Japanese Restaurant

I come here on an annual basis, and they have never changed for so many years. The first time I came here was in 2006, with a large group of friends for a party, in the private room on the second floor. And annually I would come here with a group of friends, and they always accommodate us every time.

I visited the establishment again, with another group of friends. They accommodated us as usual, and we had a great time too. We ordered drinks first, and I got a delicious Strawberry Slush, but too bad it was a virgin because I had to drive that night.

Too bad it was kinda small for my size of a drink, but it was delicious. Then we all each ordered food, and I ordered Scallop Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Cucumber Sunomono, and Yaki-Soba. There was so much food, I couldn't finish it all and brought some home to enjoy it for mid-night snack.

I loved the Scallop roll the most, because it was perfectly creamy, and I love the avocado the most as it added that perfect flavour for the roll. It was perfect part of the night as I was craving for some sushi. And I topped it all off with some Spicy Tuna roll.

This roll was very different, because I wasn't expecting the avocado to be in the roll, but it gave it a nice light and refreshing taste to the roll. I did enjoy it though, but I wanted more tuna. And I wanted to get something refreshing for the night. I ordered a cucumber sunomono. It was sliced cucumbers, and tons of vinegar cold noodles. It was perfect for such a hot day.

Next time I will order this again, even if it was on special. A perfect way to start off my night. Then I wanted something to really fill me up for the night and I ordered a Yaki-Soba for the night.

I always tell everyone around the table I would use flash before I took a picture of this. It is courtesy to tell everyone first, but I had to take colours of this dish!! Couldn't finish this dish and took the rest home, and all I did was put it in the oven for like 5 minutes and it came out delicious.

Will go back again to visit and put another picture on the wall, and draw on it!

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Jul 15, 2014

Geek Adventures: Magic The Gathering 2015 Pre-Release Event @ Magic Stronghold

Me and my friends had to go check out the Midnight Pre-release event at Magic Stronghold this past weekend! The new set of MTG2015 had fantastic re-prints rares, and new rare cards that we wanted to get our hands on.

As a huge Magic The Gathering player myself, I had to check out the event, and I haven't gone to a Pre-Release since Lorwyn block and back then, the pre-releases weren't as popular as now, but back then, MTG didn't really have much of a business plan to see how their products would expand.

This pre-release event was a Sealed event, and choosing 1 colour for 1 promo card. Each colour had different promo cards. This was the box they gave us for the starter deck. 5 booster packs, and 1 promo booster pack.

Yes, I chose White, and got Resolute Archangel. In the box we also got a special promo card that has special rules to play against Garruk, The Slayer promo card. 

It's a new way of playing your sealed deck against Garruk. Something special that Wizard of the Coast invented, and it's kinda fun when you have downtime during your matches. There was also a LARGE 8 feet standee in the store which had an axe. Knowing me, I had to take a picture with it, because it would be hilarious, and so I did.

I defeated Garruk with his axe and with my creatures! I am the better Planeswalker!! TAKE THAT!!
I had a fantastic time at the MTG 2015 Pre-release event, and I will be going to more in the coming future! I have a huge book to trade cards, so drop me a message on Twitter if you want to trade~!!

Jul 14, 2014

Food Adventures: Takifugu Japanese Dining

This was my second time coming to Takifugu, and the first time I visited, I was extremely impressed with their fresh sashimi, and their delicious menu. I had high expectations this time on my second visit, and for sure they met every single one of them, and maybe raised it a bit higher as well.

I visited with a large group of friends, last minute, because we had to show our friends from out of town, the best place for sashimi. And this place took our 20 people reservation 2 hours prior arriving.
Even with the large group, the place gave us great service and the most delicious sashimi ever in Vancouver.

Me and my friend shared and ordered the Sashimi Special of the night.

The dish consisted of Wild Atlantic Salmon, Toro Tuna, Ebi with Tobiko, Tai Sashimi, and Tsubugai Sashimi (Whelk). It was perfectly placed out on the large plate, and each piece would melt in your mouth, it was delicious. The fantastic part was that it was perfectly salted, so soy sauce was not needed at all.

On top of that sashimi plate, we ordered two Kajiki Nigiri (Swordfish). Just to fill the rice content of the night at a sushi place of course.

Too bad the Kajiki was not 1 slice piece, I was a bit disappointed about that, but it was still delicious as it melted in the mouth. The taste was the same as I had last time, so it brought back fantastic memories.

Coming to Takifugu is always a great time with friends, and eat delicious food. Oh, if you are to come here, it is hidden in a small little corner, so it is literally a hidden gem within Vancouver.

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May 4, 2014

Food Adventures: Guu Garden

Guu Garden is one of those awesome restaurants that I go during a nice hot summer day due to their amazing patio outside, or craving for a GOOD authentic Japanese meal.

My co-workers and I come here often on a nice summer day and order a jug of their special sangria! Their lunches are delicious and at a decent price too. So it is a great place to hang out for lunch. Sometimes during happy hour too, but the only thing is they don't have a Happy Hour special. BOOP :(

The appetizer we ordered was the Deep Fried Calamari. They use a special Miso paste as the sauce. The calamari was extremely crispy and the miso paste gave a perfect saltiness to the calamari, and nice addition to the flavour. We added the lemon juice on top of it after a bite. The miso sauce was unique, but it was mixed with a good soy sauce to give it more liquid in the end.

When I usually come to Guu Garden, I order the lunch set specials. Their lunch sets change on a weekly basis so it depends what it is mostly in the week. Their formulaic set is a miso soup, a small side dish, pickled food, and a rice dish with a meat (fish, beef or pork). The time I ordered was a Seared Pork Belly, and it was extremely delicious. The strong pepper taste gave the rice a good kick! It was light and quick, as we ordered, and it was simple and delicious. 

Guu Garden is the place for a good authentic simple Japanese lunch or dinner. I will come back again this summer, and great times will be had!

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